So-Lo-Mo for creative marketing


Social local mobile. This buzz word has been growing exponentially since it birth. It simplifies the complex environment in which marketing is headed. Social are connections between people and in this context particularly those in the digital realm, the keenest focus being on social media platforms, how people interact with each other and especially how they interact online without the invasion of advertising.
Local refers more specifically to the location of the user. Technology is driving this element through the advancement in mobile and smartphone technology. Users are now essentially carrying the power of their desktop computer around in their pocket, or at 5-6 inch smartphone screens our bags, giant phones are all the trend.


And of course that trend is being fueled due to users carrying their smartphones to every location. Its an obvious progression that users will want access to things that are in their location.

This brings us to mobile. Its movement, on the go ever changing and tapped into geo location. Advancement in GPS technology is narrowing the gap all the time resulting in a highly accurate GPS in a users hand.
How future marketers deal with So-Lo-Mo could revolutionize how we users receive advertisements.

KPCB’s John Doerr is accredited with coining the So-Lo-Mo acronym.

‘John’s passion is helping entrepreneurs create the “Next Big Thing” in mobile and social networks, greentech innovation, education and economic development.’ and twitter are a few of the companies John Doerr has been involved with in his career. Big hitter names in the games of marketing and forward thinking advertising. It’s not a shock So-Lo-Mo has thus taken off so strongly.

The increase in engagement on social media platforms is an environment digital  marketers cannot ignore. But if one thing is sure people don’t like to be advertised to. This means a new angle must be taken from the social aspect of advertising. Looking at the success of Groupon  its clear to see how capitalizing on the social element of an offer can spread it more cost effectively than a traditional campaign.

Take social a step further. If a social media endorsement led to user discounts, offers or bonus points on your loyalty cards etc, users might take a different stance on how they interact with companies. Its clear people respond to reviews and endorsements with a far higher positive outlook than traditional adverts and if done right could increase a far more targeted consumer base.

Bueno_Beef_BurritoLocation allows businesses to potentially personalize advertising or offers through social media, based on the location of the user. Hypothetical: Its lunch time, the burrito shop down the road is my friends favorite and its doing a deal on their super turbo spicy beefy burritos and I get a message, ‘Nommy’est Burritos eva!!! – Sarah thinks you should try our super lunch saver burrito’ Lunch sorted.

Location allows for the virtually untapped market of SMB’s to open up new opportunities to connect with consumers around them. Sidewalkad offers just that. Currently in New York this app’s aim is to bring the flexibility of putting a sign in the window but instead it’s a window on a users smartphone. Sidewalks market research team found what people want is ‘No pop-up ads, don’t buzz me and don’t send me daily e-mails.Minority-Report-AdvertisingPeople dont want to be bombarded with push notifications ‘Minority Report’ style advertisements, but they do want a deal and will engage with digital apps if the user interface and execution of the advertisement is successful. The convenience of location allows users to be more involved in their location at any time.


The incredible growth in the purchase of smart phones means mobile is stronger than ever and only evolving in one way. Most smartphone interfaces are becoming more accommodating to reading and searching for information. The day you leave your phone at home by accident is a dark day in the week, its a day without music, messages, social media updates and Google maps. Smartphones go with users everywhere at all times and this mobility is essential to capitalize in future marketing. Hypothetical: I got a great new app, one I’m happy to get push notifications on. While walking through Grafton street I get a push notification. A picture of my friend Sarah wearing her latest purchase from the Super Fabulous Dress Store. ‘Sarah looks great’ here’s 10% off if you buy in the next 2 hours. Deal!
The element of mobile technology allows to place the time frame on it to encourage some impulse shopping.
One of the greatest opportunities for So-Lo-Mo is the element of gamification that can be introduced. Instead of looking at bombarding people with boring static ads, combining interactivity, point systems, time limits, discounts for promoting the products and much more could help get a businesses personality out there and reach its true fan base.