5 Predictions for the Growth of Social Media

Almost anything in life that is new can be exciting simply because it is new. This can be seen in a new job or a new musical group. People love to get hyped up about the latest cool thing. However, the novelty normally wears off and something different  normally wears off.

When Social Media first arrived on the scene, it was all the rage. The importance of social media today is very disputed. Social Media offers something truly useful to the world. Since that Social Media has a purpose it will have a place in society and in marketing campaigns over the next few years

People have already seen Social Media change in many ways. It has moved away from just focusing on “going viral” to creating useful, meaningful engagement and content and there is also the shift away from just relying on Facebook as Social Media Marketing.

Today consumers will see Social Media in a new light. While it started with younger generations with personal updates. it is now used for multiple business applications and consumers are using social media channels to get their voices heard.

This blog currently reflects the landscape of Internet Marketing and the following are five predictions into tomorrow’s world of marketing.

1. Social Media Makes Big Data Even Bigger

Big Data refers to the customer related information that you can get your hands on. The concept goes to the belief that the more you know about your customer, the more you can connect with them and therefore making them loyal customers. The key word here is “connect” and with the power of Social Media you can create incredible marketing interactions in real time. A wealth of information is available at your fingertips. For example, imagine walking by starbucks and receiving a tweet with an offer for your favourite latte.

Much of the interation of data in social media platforms are closed, not able to be masked up in order to get a more complete picture of a customer. This data silo-ing that exists today will change over time. Dev Busic, founder and CEO of Powered by Search stated, “As data becomes more commodified, platforms will open their date. That will create huge new opportunities for social marketing.

Author and Social Media Writer Mark Schaefer estimates that by 2020 data will increase by 600%, 75% of which will be created by customers, not businesses. Finding ways to mask up and use these data will create huge opportunity.

GlobalWebIndex Social Media by Age

2. Mobile and Entertainment Will Morph

Mobile is set to overtake desktop as the primary means of assessing the Internet this year. The movement will not stop there. We’ve moved beyond smartphones and connected tablets to phones. Could you imagine your car dashboard with a touchscreen browser. The tesla model 5 is just the first generation of mobile internet in your vehicle. Wearable technology, like Google Glass, will change the way we think about constant connectivity.

In fact there was an announcement of a broader distribution and sales channel of Google Glass, and it will not be long before major eyewear brands license the technology.

Make sure all of the content, all of your sites and certainly all of your social media platforms are ready to take advantage of this shift. For Social Media, this means not just posting content, but implementing video and other tools to increase the richness of the customer experience and interaction with you. You complete strategy should engage users in the mobile experience and encourage them to generate user content (pictures, videos and reviews) and to share it.

3. Marketing Programmes will ReIntegrate

Marketers will have worked in the past to integrate marketing efforts across media vehicles and channels. In the early years of Social Media, using it as marketing tool was normally put aside or it mainly an afterthought. Thc common expression “Oh hey, I guess we should have a facebook page” is long gone. Social Media will be an important element to content based marketing strategies and programs

Brands will focus on mobile interaction because that is where consumers will spend most of their time. The key change I see coming is changing expectations of what customers expect of Social Media.

Social Media analyst and Entrepreneur, Bob Zukis added this statement by saying ” social media needs to serve a broader purpose than just networking? Where is this going? Social as a layer of a campaign versus a separate channel.

Let’s put it this way – Social Media should not only be a simple way of trying to communicate and sell to your customers. Companies should look at it as a valuable way to connect and build loyalty with your customers. It should make social marketing central, however it’s best not to separate with your brand communication, and what better way to do this via social media.

4. Content Marketing Will Grow

It is no secret today that visible content is relevant, useful and informative to companies that can reach customers and even increase S.E.O results. However the challenge for many businesses is bandwidth. The ability to effectively create and publish content has normally been a big stumbling block to content marketing.

Technology will help businesses facing this challenge in the form of modern content management systems. Today’s and tomorrow’s CMS tools, on the other hand, have offered a combination of sleeker, simpler and easy to use options, making them suitable for any company serious about producing social context for marketing purposes.

Even better, new technologies will emerge that will help businesses automate content creation tasks by empowering employees and other customer facing entities to easily create and publish content platforms.

5. The Power of your Network will Deliver

Brands that win in the future will be able to “power up” their network of employees, franchisers, or dealers to increase visibility and sales. We will move from the “wisdom of the crowd” to “the power of the crowd”. As the Internet becomes so crowded, it will be increasingly hard for businesses to be visible on social media.

Andrew Shotland, founder of Local S.E.O Guide warns:

“that while the marity of consumers will ignore privacy issues in exchange for product and service benefits, a valuable, vocal minority will flock to businesses that respect and protect their privacy.” As you power your network, brands will have to make important decisions on where they will stand on privacy.”

These changes are mot really radical as such but they are happening because Social Media has finally found its place in the smart marketers tools belt.

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