6 Tips to Guaranteed Twitter Success





Twitter is a remarkable social media platform for businesses. All in 140 characters you can globally connect with new people remain in touch with those you know, discover what’s going on in your world as well getting your brand voice out there.

Many small business owners fail to see the fruitful ways Twitter can help them market their business. While those major retailers who have have gotten the hang of the Internet’s fastest-growing and most talked-about social media site are using it to their advantage and reaping the benefits.

Dell made an announcement that it made $7 million in sales through Twitter, by simply tweeting with “no strategy” in particular.

Best Buy’s Twelpforce has answered 20,000 customer questions since July, and is featuring Twelpforce in company TV ads.

So how can you use Twitter to grow your business? Here are six tips that will guarantee you  Twitter success.


  1. Have a Purpose

Defining your purpose will help you decide who to follow and what kind of information to share. Decide what you want to get out of your Twitter activity, whether it be awareness for your brand, increasing sales, or driving traffic to your website. Have clear objectives and metrics to measure your success.

  1. Tweet Frequently

Studies have shown that people who tweet frequently attract more followers. There’s no magic number your buisness should be aiming for, but a good rule is between three and five tweets a day. If you don’t have anything to say then nobody will notice you.

Tweeting frequently does not give you an invitation to just tweet mundane updates about your day. Time must be taken to plan a good content strategy for the target audience you want to attract.

  1. Be Chatty

Your twitter account should be a walking, talking personification of your brand. Customers will be much more compelled if you talk like a person as oppose to a business. Invent a little personality into you content. You may even get creative by talking in the first person such as “I’ll be back in stock on Monday” or you just use “we”, “our”. However, the main thing is to be chatty and engaging.


  1. @Reply

Engage other Twitter users in conversation using @replies and mentions. This not only gives your business more personality but more importantly it makes users feel engaged with your brand.

Additionally a good way to cultivate your followers is to “favourite” tweets. Users will receive a notification that you have acknowledged there content and in return some will fallow you back.

  1. #Hashtags

Hashtags allow users to easily search for Tweets with common interests. Use them to join in on popular topics, or make up your own around an event, promotion, or even use your business name. The “Trends” sidebar on the Twitter interface includes popular geographical topics, and usually includes the hashtags of the moment.

  1. Reward your Followers

A Twitter contest is not only a great way to build buzz and increase brand engagement, but it also generates new followers and grows your brand presence. Hosting a creative contest or sweepstake can be vital in improving engagement on Twitter.

Twitter is fantastic for sharing special offers and promotions. You should consider rewarding your followers with special offers or discounts.  This not only makes them feel special but also improves customer relationships. Ideas for this could be as simple as, “Show us this Tweet on your phone for a 10% discount in our shop, this weekend only.



Roisin O Connor



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