Search engine optimisation and digital marketing


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Search engine marketing is important as it has to be digital traffic driven to be a success for the marketer and internet visitor to benefit equally. The search engine optimisation is based on reaching the highest ranking through a website and having the right keywords and content for browsers to search and also other tools that are sought and useful for browsers.

The search engine Google is also helped by the ownership of YouTube.This is the second largest search engine in terms of searches of indexes in many countries and other regional search engines. The website that has a structured approach to a good content search engine is one that is going to get good visitor traffic due to its keywords and click through rate. The SEO ranking depends on the visits by business to customer and business to business as the keywords such as generic and brand.

Are the key words to make a website to be a marketing success? The understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of SEO is one that needs to be explained to digital marketers for the importance of it. The advantage of significant traffic shows that traffic driven searches is the sign of good key words and content that bring about success for websites that have already carried out a strategy of objectives to implement.

The daily visitors that are searching for products are the websites most important group to target as it is they that is the making Or breaking of a particular website to be in profit or to end in failure. The complex and dynamic reasons for a search engine to be a success or failure is one that is needed to be explained by daily factors that are on-going. The amount of money invested in SEO is a risky venture as web sites are aware that results are not guaranteed due to searchers changing Market loyalties’ and results can take months to be analysing to be effective.


The new content and backlinks is considered by Google to determine if the website is producing good quality key words to give it a valuable ranking as Google merits this as a vote for this page to be upgraded.The quality of links such as back links and external links is one that has to be researched as Google decides if the page is going to get a high ranking.The need of a less well-known brand to reach out to the media channels is one that can be a success due to timing and market conditions that can be analysed through a click survey by a marketer to check traffic on it.

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The digital marketing company must be a aware that monies must be budgeted for on a daily basis to keep in touch and stay online with Competitors to take advantage of SEO opportunities and follow advantages.The need to for digital marketing companies to make the choice to carry out paid investment is one that has to be balanced by the factors of time and material content due to contracts having to be completed on time and spec. The knowledge of experienced marketing experts to advise digital marketing.Companies the benefits of paid advice is one that has to be listened to.


The paid search engines such as for example Google AdSense and yahoo are advertise according to page content and these contextual ads are ranked for their content and also graphical and their video ads. The paid listings. Can be budgeted on a CPM, CPM or CPA (pay per action) basis and not only text ads, but also for graphical ads and video ads that marketing companies seek. The search engine Google has researched the relevance that internet traffic can bring to a particular site due to an analysis of the links on the site. The CTR rates to determine the quality score is monitored not only by Google, but other search networks such as micro Bing and Yahoo. To check their ranking of particular search engines to see what traffic is on them.


The digital marketing and SEO are to be engaged in a partnership to work. As a traffic driven success for a search engine  to be a quality name and ranking, the search engine companies will not  take the highest bidders  who pay the most per click ,as these companies who bid high might only have a lower ranking and not have traffic driven benefits that low cost clicks that a Provided by steady company that is already online and trading on a profitable basis. The future of SEO and digital marketing can be measured by the expanding daily internet and the expanding world of business positioning with the emergence of Economies of wealth and scale.


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The SEO and digital marketing world is according to media experts going to expand and bring huge business opportunities for those SEO and digital marketing companies who engage daily and who are of a social savvy mind. The digital marketing professional and SEO companies need to have a B2B relationship to prosper and to keep up with daily SEO and digital trends as costs can be shared on b to b basis.



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