6 Hot Tips for Instagram Brand and Business Success



Today, there are about 5.2 billion mobile phones on the planet, 83% of which have cameras.  Instagram currently ranks as the third fastest-growing app, and the chances are your brand’s target audience is among its users.

These days, Instagram is much more than just adolescence posting selfies. The online photo sharing application boasts more than 200 million monthly active users, an increasing portion of which include businesses. In the past six months, the social media platform has gained 50 million new users. To get the maximum use from Instagram, companies need a successful strategy and captivating content to attract new followers.

Is your company using Instagram to promote your brand and services? If not, you’re missing out on a fruitful fun way to connect with potential customers. Here are 6 tips to increase engagement on Instagram. Use these tactics to cultivate your followers, encourage interactions and boost brand awareness on this fast growing application.

#1 Understand your band’s audience and story

Ask yourself the following questions:  What is your brands purpose for using Instagram? What is the image and style you want to convey through your images?

The visual content you share should be relevant to your business and future audience, reaffirming the lifestyle and feeling of your brand. To maximise this it is important that you entrust your Instagram account to a staff member who understands the brand’s tone of voice well enough to communicate your message and has a keen eye for photography to produce appropriate images.


#2 Hashtags

The best ways to find users with common interests is through hashtags. Like other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, Instagram uses hashtags to allow users to search through popular trends and subjects.  One of the most popular Instagram hashtags is #throwbackthursdays where every Thursday, people post a picture from the past. You could utilize this tag by posting photos of your business in the very beginning, creating a visual story of success. Other popular hashtags include #mancrushmonday, #selfiesunday and #photooftheday, these hashtags would make a great way to showcase your staff.

Posting pictures of your employees at work not only gives a human view of your business, but it can also be a way to give credit to staff and show them how much they are valued. A great example of a brand who do this is Beaucoup Bakery


#3 Engage

Instagram users love when you engage with them. To show you are interested in your customers you should like and commenting on others photos. It is also a good idea to fallow back legitimate fans.

Make your Instagram followers feel special by holding a contest exclusively for them. For example you could offer a prize for the 100th person who reposts, (#regram), comments or likes one of your images. As well as this you could also do an image contest asking your followers to post pictures of them using your products. If you can successfully motivate your customers to submit photos of them living your brand story, add them to your Instagram stream. This can work particularly well for arts and crafts products. Shapie do this particularly well.


#4 High Quality Images

Find a creative way to showcase the use of your company’s products, services as well as how-to’s. Instagram is about visually pleasing your audience. To create a great user experience, images should be unique and beautiful. It is worth noting that the goal is not to turn your account into a series of ad displays. Take time to get creative, incorporating products into images the user wants to see and share.

For example if your business was in coffee, you could use coffee beans to create shapes designs or your logo. When capturing images of products it is much more interesting to shoot them from strange angles. Additionally you can create user engagement by having costumers guess the product.

Nike-Instagram (1)

#5 Cultivate a following

Coordinating your social media campaign is probably the best way to increase brand awareness and boost followers. Use your Instagram in conjunction with Facebook and twitter so your existing audience can follow you on multiple platforms. It would also be useful to consider using the same username on Instagram as twitter. Users that share or tag your content on twitter can link the username to your Twitter bio.


#6 Take Advantage of Video

One of the most exciting additions to Instagram is the introduction of video. The launch of this newest feature has given Twitters vine a lot to content with. Users can now upload up to 15 seconds of custom-made video and apply one of Instagram famous filters to the finished production as compared to vines 6.5 seconds. Here Amy Schmittauer from savvysexysocial shares some tips how to effectively take advantage of instagram video. 



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