6 Tips to Guaranteed Twitter Success





Twitter is a remarkable social media platform for businesses. All in 140 characters you can globally connect with new people remain in touch with those you know, discover what’s going on in your world as well getting your brand voice out there.

Many small business owners fail to see the fruitful ways Twitter can help them market their business. While those major retailers who have have gotten the hang of the Internet’s fastest-growing and most talked-about social media site are using it to their advantage and reaping the benefits.

Dell made an announcement that it made $7 million in sales through Twitter, by simply tweeting with “no strategy” in particular.

Best Buy’s Twelpforce has answered 20,000 customer questions since July, and is featuring Twelpforce in company TV ads.

So how can you use Twitter to grow your business? Here are six tips that will guarantee you  Twitter success.


  1. Have a Purpose

Defining your purpose will help you decide who to follow and what kind of information to share. Decide what you want to get out of your Twitter activity, whether it be awareness for your brand, increasing sales, or driving traffic to your website. Have clear objectives and metrics to measure your success.

  1. Tweet Frequently

Studies have shown that people who tweet frequently attract more followers. There’s no magic number your buisness should be aiming for, but a good rule is between three and five tweets a day. If you don’t have anything to say then nobody will notice you.

Tweeting frequently does not give you an invitation to just tweet mundane updates about your day. Time must be taken to plan a good content strategy for the target audience you want to attract.

  1. Be Chatty

Your twitter account should be a walking, talking personification of your brand. Customers will be much more compelled if you talk like a person as oppose to a business. Invent a little personality into you content. You may even get creative by talking in the first person such as “I’ll be back in stock on Monday” or you just use “we”, “our”. However, the main thing is to be chatty and engaging.


  1. @Reply

Engage other Twitter users in conversation using @replies and mentions. This not only gives your business more personality but more importantly it makes users feel engaged with your brand.

Additionally a good way to cultivate your followers is to “favourite” tweets. Users will receive a notification that you have acknowledged there content and in return some will fallow you back.

  1. #Hashtags

Hashtags allow users to easily search for Tweets with common interests. Use them to join in on popular topics, or make up your own around an event, promotion, or even use your business name. The “Trends” sidebar on the Twitter interface includes popular geographical topics, and usually includes the hashtags of the moment.

  1. Reward your Followers

A Twitter contest is not only a great way to build buzz and increase brand engagement, but it also generates new followers and grows your brand presence. Hosting a creative contest or sweepstake can be vital in improving engagement on Twitter.

Twitter is fantastic for sharing special offers and promotions. You should consider rewarding your followers with special offers or discounts.  This not only makes them feel special but also improves customer relationships. Ideas for this could be as simple as, “Show us this Tweet on your phone for a 10% discount in our shop, this weekend only.



Roisin O Connor



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E-CRM and why it shouldn’t be ignored.




An airtight customer relationship management strategy is key to the long term success of any business, small medium or large. Digital media has opened the doors to a new wave of CRM strategies, some heavily dependent on social media platforms. Its narrow thinking to view CRM as customer service when something goes wrong, instead CRM needs to tie in completely with the mission statement of a company, keep in line with a companies branded tone of voice and constantly adapt to environment and trends. Social media platforms have revolutionized how people seek help, but also how they communicate with a brand. This public open dialogue if managed to the best of a companies abilities can transform them from a faceless brand to an addition to a users favorites.

First lets look at some stats on customer service and later we’ll look at the CRM brand voice.BAR

42% of service agents are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems, archaic user interfaces, and multiple applications.

45% of US consumers will abandon an online transaction if their questions or concerns are not addressed quickly.

89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor cuGOOD-BADstomer service.

Consumers are 2 times more likely to share their bad customer service experiences than they are to talk about positive experiences.

A customer is 4 times more likely to buy from a competitor if the problem is service related vs. price or product related.

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.

55% of consumers would pay more for a better customer experience.

(See more really interesting customer service stats here! Some US some global.)

These stats show the key areas that need attention when considering a customer service element to a CRM strategy. Updated technology, clear user interface, easy access to information and assistance can make or break a company. If a users experience is negative in any of these fields they are likely to loose that business completely and forever! Consumer tolerance is low. I’m sure we can all relate to this, when you buy goods or services its expected one should get what they pay for and having hassle dealing with problems leaves a bad taste in anyones mouth, eager to let everyone know all about it. Not necessarily equally as effective as the stats above show, but a positive customer service experience does ease any unhappiness a consumer has and can lead them to recommend the company. People will also pay for a better experience. If how a user feels is taken into consideration with design, technology and interaction the proof is that people respond to that and return their custom to the company.

So what else is involved in a proper CRM strategy, especially a digital one. How a company is perceived, its brand face and its tone of voice is also included in its CRM strategy. A fantastic example of this is Ryanair. Pioneers for adopting an online process, innovators in their own way for flaunting their lack of customer service in the face of the public eye, selling themselves as a rock bottom, dirt cheap airline. Nut now they are now seriously considering their CRM strategy on and offline to compete in the heavy weight market that is airline traffic.

The new CMO of Ryanair Kenny Jacobs puts it, ‘we have incredible brand awareness, so the job is to communicate that we’re making changes and improving the service…Once we’ve improved the product and the service we’ll aim to use digital such as the website itself, email, retargeting and display to communicate our prices’

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 13.24.29 Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 13.24.57

Improving how the company is perceived by consumers, how it speaks to them and how it gives them added value on their purchase and experience will be the determining factor in the longevity of the airline. Its one thing to adopt technology as Ryanair did by launching its cheap ticketless flight system online in 2000, but to ignore the fact that other airlines would eventually catch up with their low-cost offers was a terrible shortsightedness that may have caused the alienation of huge potential customers. By paying attention to the online trend of effective customer service and positive brand tone of voice Ryanair have the opportunity to target a new wave of tech savvy consumers.


Search engine optimisation and digital marketing


Image Number 1

Search engine marketing is important as it has to be digital traffic driven to be a success for the marketer and internet visitor to benefit equally. The search engine optimisation is based on reaching the highest ranking through a website and having the right keywords and content for browsers to search and also other tools that are sought and useful for browsers.

The search engine Google is also helped by the ownership of YouTube.This is the second largest search engine in terms of searches of indexes in many countries and other regional search engines. The website that has a structured approach to a good content search engine is one that is going to get good visitor traffic due to its keywords and click through rate. The SEO ranking depends on the visits by business to customer and business to business as the keywords such as generic and brand.

Are the key words to make a website to be a marketing success? The understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of SEO is one that needs to be explained to digital marketers for the importance of it. The advantage of significant traffic shows that traffic driven searches is the sign of good key words and content that bring about success for websites that have already carried out a strategy of objectives to implement.

The daily visitors that are searching for products are the websites most important group to target as it is they that is the making Or breaking of a particular website to be in profit or to end in failure. The complex and dynamic reasons for a search engine to be a success or failure is one that is needed to be explained by daily factors that are on-going. The amount of money invested in SEO is a risky venture as web sites are aware that results are not guaranteed due to searchers changing Market loyalties’ and results can take months to be analysing to be effective.


The new content and backlinks is considered by Google to determine if the website is producing good quality key words to give it a valuable ranking as Google merits this as a vote for this page to be upgraded.The quality of links such as back links and external links is one that has to be researched as Google decides if the page is going to get a high ranking.The need of a less well-known brand to reach out to the media channels is one that can be a success due to timing and market conditions that can be analysed through a click survey by a marketer to check traffic on it.

 Image Number 2


The digital marketing company must be a aware that monies must be budgeted for on a daily basis to keep in touch and stay online with Competitors to take advantage of SEO opportunities and follow advantages.The need to for digital marketing companies to make the choice to carry out paid investment is one that has to be balanced by the factors of time and material content due to contracts having to be completed on time and spec. The knowledge of experienced marketing experts to advise digital marketing.Companies the benefits of paid advice is one that has to be listened to.


The paid search engines such as for example Google AdSense and yahoo are advertise according to page content and these contextual ads are ranked for their content and also graphical and their video ads. The paid listings. Can be budgeted on a CPM, CPM or CPA (pay per action) basis and not only text ads, but also for graphical ads and video ads that marketing companies seek. The search engine Google has researched the relevance that internet traffic can bring to a particular site due to an analysis of the links on the site. The CTR rates to determine the quality score is monitored not only by Google, but other search networks such as micro Bing and Yahoo. To check their ranking of particular search engines to see what traffic is on them.


The digital marketing and SEO are to be engaged in a partnership to work. As a traffic driven success for a search engine  to be a quality name and ranking, the search engine companies will not  take the highest bidders  who pay the most per click ,as these companies who bid high might only have a lower ranking and not have traffic driven benefits that low cost clicks that a Provided by steady company that is already online and trading on a profitable basis. The future of SEO and digital marketing can be measured by the expanding daily internet and the expanding world of business positioning with the emergence of Economies of wealth and scale.


Image Number 3


The SEO and digital marketing world is according to media experts going to expand and bring huge business opportunities for those SEO and digital marketing companies who engage daily and who are of a social savvy mind. The digital marketing professional and SEO companies need to have a B2B relationship to prosper and to keep up with daily SEO and digital trends as costs can be shared on b to b basis.


So-Lo-Mo for creative marketing


Social local mobile. This buzz word has been growing exponentially since it birth. It simplifies the complex environment in which marketing is headed. Social are connections between people and in this context particularly those in the digital realm, the keenest focus being on social media platforms, how people interact with each other and especially how they interact online without the invasion of advertising.
Local refers more specifically to the location of the user. Technology is driving this element through the advancement in mobile and smartphone technology. Users are now essentially carrying the power of their desktop computer around in their pocket, or at 5-6 inch smartphone screens our bags, giant phones are all the trend.


And of course that trend is being fueled due to users carrying their smartphones to every location. Its an obvious progression that users will want access to things that are in their location.

This brings us to mobile. Its movement, on the go ever changing and tapped into geo location. Advancement in GPS technology is narrowing the gap all the time resulting in a highly accurate GPS in a users hand.
How future marketers deal with So-Lo-Mo could revolutionize how we users receive advertisements.

KPCB’s John Doerr is accredited with coining the So-Lo-Mo acronym.

‘John’s passion is helping entrepreneurs create the “Next Big Thing” in mobile and social networks, greentech innovation, education and economic development.’

Googleamazon.com and twitter are a few of the companies John Doerr has been involved with in his career. Big hitter names in the games of marketing and forward thinking advertising. It’s not a shock So-Lo-Mo has thus taken off so strongly.

The increase in engagement on social media platforms is an environment digital  marketers cannot ignore. But if one thing is sure people don’t like to be advertised to. This means a new angle must be taken from the social aspect of advertising. Looking at the success of Groupon  its clear to see how capitalizing on the social element of an offer can spread it more cost effectively than a traditional campaign.

Take social a step further. If a social media endorsement led to user discounts, offers or bonus points on your loyalty cards etc, users might take a different stance on how they interact with companies. Its clear people respond to reviews and endorsements with a far higher positive outlook than traditional adverts and if done right could increase a far more targeted consumer base.

Bueno_Beef_BurritoLocation allows businesses to potentially personalize advertising or offers through social media, based on the location of the user. Hypothetical: Its lunch time, the burrito shop down the road is my friends favorite and its doing a deal on their super turbo spicy beefy burritos and I get a message, ‘Nommy’est Burritos eva!!! – Sarah thinks you should try our super lunch saver burrito’ Lunch sorted.

Location allows for the virtually untapped market of SMB’s to open up new opportunities to connect with consumers around them. Sidewalkad offers just that. Currently in New York this app’s aim is to bring the flexibility of putting a sign in the window but instead it’s a window on a users smartphone. Sidewalks market research team found what people want is ‘No pop-up ads, don’t buzz me and don’t send me daily e-mails.Minority-Report-AdvertisingPeople dont want to be bombarded with push notifications ‘Minority Report’ style advertisements, but they do want a deal and will engage with digital apps if the user interface and execution of the advertisement is successful. The convenience of location allows users to be more involved in their location at any time.


The incredible growth in the purchase of smart phones means mobile is stronger than ever and only evolving in one way. Most smartphone interfaces are becoming more accommodating to reading and searching for information. The day you leave your phone at home by accident is a dark day in the week, its a day without music, messages, social media updates and Google maps. Smartphones go with users everywhere at all times and this mobility is essential to capitalize in future marketing. Hypothetical: I got a great new app, one I’m happy to get push notifications on. While walking through Grafton street I get a push notification. A picture of my friend Sarah wearing her latest purchase from the Super Fabulous Dress Store. ‘Sarah looks great’ here’s 10% off if you buy in the next 2 hours. Deal!
The element of mobile technology allows to place the time frame on it to encourage some impulse shopping.
One of the greatest opportunities for So-Lo-Mo is the element of gamification that can be introduced. Instead of looking at bombarding people with boring static ads, combining interactivity, point systems, time limits, discounts for promoting the products and much more could help get a businesses personality out there and reach its true fan base.